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10 quick fix tools everyone should own

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Maintaining a Home is no easy task, especially if you don't have the right tools for the task. Here's a list of 10 items i believe to be DIY essentials in every household.

  1. Claw Hammer - You'l be surprised just how important a hammer is. Whether your removing nails from a wall, installing new picture hooks or gently persuading something to move ;) A decent Claw Hammer will prove to be one of your most indispensable tools for your DIY needs.

  2. Screwdriver Set - A good screwdriver set should be one of the first items you purchase as part of your tool kit. Anything from updating batteries in your Christmas lights to to assembling your IKEA Flat pack will require the use of screwdrivers. Make sure you have a variety i.e Phillips and Flat Head, it might be 2022 but i guarantee you'l find Flathead screws covered in paint on one of your door hinges.

  3. Tape measure - The name speaks for itself really, a good sized tape measure will be useful in many ways. Checking to see if your new furniture will fit in a space or measuring the length of your curtains there's only one tool for the job.

  4. Adjustable Spanner - Many people don't imagine the need for this tool but if you ever need to change the Tyre on your child's bike or just tighten a tap fitting the adjustable spanner is a very good addition to any tool kit.

  5. Pliers Set- Long nose, Bull Nose or Vise Grips. Pliers come in various sizes and shapes and have many uses. Whether you want to twist/cut wire, grip and hold objects or just remove pins,nails and other items you cant go wrong with at least one type of this tool in your toolbox.

  6. Spirit Level - Spirit Levels are used to measure how plum or level a surface is. They can be helpful with even some of the smallest tasks in your home such as; hanging a picture or adjusting the legs to stabilize your washing machine.

  7. Putty Knife/scraper - Putty Knives and scrapers may appear the same but are actually two different tools. A Putty knife has a thin flexible blade and is used for applications such as filling holes in your wall. A Scraper has a slightly thicker/Stiff blade and is commonly used for scraping surfaces like removing wallpaper.

  8. Hex Keys/Allen Keys - Want to assemble a cot for your nursery or just fancy a new bed to modernize your bedroom? you wont get far without a good set of hex keys in your tool box.

  9. Power drill - Not the cheapest tool you'l have to purchase but worth every penny. I normally say "If you buy cheap you'll buy twice" but You can pick up a reasonably cheap one these days and they are more than good enough your your DIY projects. If you decide you want to hang your TV on the wall or simply fit new curtain poles, power drills are indispensable items when it comes to home improvements.

  10. Scissors or Utility Knife- For precision cuts, scoring or simply just opening boxes and packaging. Both a pair of scissors and a good utility knife should be present in every tool kit and will become an essential item for all your cutting needs.

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